Baptist Church Plans to Picket Whitney Houston Funeral Leaked in Tweet

Westboro Baptist Church picketers.

The christian community’s crazy cousins are at it again with more drama.  There is one church that is known for protesting celebrity funerals, funerals for homosexuals and soldiers.  They are some form of extreme right wing baptists.

The Westboro Baptist Church out of Topeka, Kansas, is a real nutball organization that finds it offensive that people would honor celebrities, gays, and war heroes.  If that’s not crazy what is? The minister of the church, Fred Phelps, thought he’d surprise the Houston family with a protest, but his daughter had other plans.

His daughter Margie Phelps tweeted on Valentine’s Day:

“Yay! 2 pickets in NJ-Whitney Houston funeral & [legislature].”

They planned to not only protest Houston’s funeral but the passage of the gay marriage bill in New Jersey.  Phelps also tweeted on the day of Whitney’s death saying:

“No R.I.P. Whitney Houston. You don’t live your life serving self &sin, stealing God’s glory, & get peace.”

These folks are sickos that will be met with extreme prejudice if they think that a protest will be that easy on the day of  her funeral.  Surely, they will be, as the military puts it, met with extreme prejudice.

Read more on this foolishness at the Christian Post.

-J.C. Brooks

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