Honduran Prison Fire One of World’s Largest Kills Nearly 300

Prisons all over the world have riots and massive violence occur, but rarely does a fire break out of nowhere and claim the lives of hundreds.  One of the most deadliest fires of all time has occurred in a prison in Honduras.

The Huffington Post reports that nearly 300 inmates have been reported dead in the blaze that completely engulfed the Honduran prison.  Prior to this incident, the U.S.  criticized the Honduran government for their harsh prison conditions which may have

They have had several serious incidents over the last decade, but this one is the worst.  There were 475 inmates that were rescued from the blaze and some of the survivors told Danilo Orellana, director of the national prison system that one inmate is to blame:

“Some of his cellmates said that he screamed: ‘We will all die here!’ And in five minutes everything burned,” Orellana said.”

Others give their accounts of the horrific conditions of the prison saying that there were 60 inmates packed into one cell when someone started screaming “fire!”

Check out the details of the report here.

-J.C. Brooks

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