Chaka Khan Disapproves of Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party (Video)

Chaka Khan calls Clive Davis' choice to go on with pre-grammy party "insanity."

Many celebrities have been distraught over Whitney Houston’s death; some more than others. But some while overwhelmed with her passing, still feel that  it was time to party.  But one artist feels that this is not appropriate, especially when it comes to someone that was quite instrumental to her career.

Chaka Khan was on Piers Morgan show last night expressing her concerns with Clive Davis’ choice to continue on with his pre-grammy party that is usually headlined by Whitney. It is the premiere event that is anticipated by celebs to celebrate the grammys.

But Chaka, who also passed on performing at the Grammys because of the intense sorrow that she feels from losing her friend, feels that Davis should show his friend the respect of calling off his party.  She feels that his action to continue on with it was “insanity.”  What do you think?

Check her out.

-J.C. Brooks

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