MSNBC Welcomes First African American Tenured Professor with Show on TV

Melissa Harris-Perry debuts her new show on MSNBC Saturday, February 18, 2012, from 10am to noon.

The intellectual television market has been cornered on MSNBC. They have an impressive roster on their evening line-up that include veteran journalists with not so shabby educational backgrounds.  One example is Rachel Maddow, who is a Rhodes Scholar.  She is so smart that she had the good common sense to bring on a young scholar who is rocketing  to intellectual superstardom.

If you haven’t heard of her, Melissa Harris-Perry is the newest anchor on MSNBC.  She now has her very own show on the network and with it a lot of firsts.  Perry is the only African American woman and tenured professor to have a cable news show.  Exciting, right?  Did you say you still don’t know who she is?  Ok, how about she’s the one that Cornel West has a beef with and he publicly ridiculed her calling her a “fake and a fraud” and a “treacherous” woman? Yeah, her!

Well, now she has an eponymously named cable news show that will debut this weekend.  She’s got me so excited about her new show, I’m already pulling out my big words to explain it.  She is a brilliant, accomplished 38-year old woman who will bring the network up to speed on the African American community from her learned perspective.  According to her own website, she gives us a window into her credentials and expertise that she brings to the table at MSNBC:

“…professor of political science at Tulane University, where she is founding director of the Anna Julia Cooper Project on Gender, Race, and Politics in the South. She previously served on the faculties of the University of Chicago and Princeton University. Her academic research is inspired by a desire to investigate the challenges facing contemporary black Americans and to better understand the multiple, creative ways that African Americans respond to these challenges.”

Her appearances on MSNBC as an expert and contributor as well as fill-in for Rachel Maddow impressed the audiences so much that MSNBC could not turn a deaf ear on what she brought to the conversation.  Read more here and make sure you tune in as she debuts on MSNBC Saturday, February 18, from 10am to noon.

2 thoughts on “MSNBC Welcomes First African American Tenured Professor with Show on TV”

  1. Dr. Harris-Perry is a super-scholar who has taught at the University of Chicago and is a highly celebrated scholar. The fact that Cornell “Corny” West wants to rebuke her so scathingly is to be expected. West thinks that just because he has a PHD (piled high dung) that he’s the most intelligent scholar in Black America. He must realize that there are Black folks with and without PHDs who are far more intelligent than this fool! He and his runnin’ buddy Smiley are SOOOOOO jealous if other Black Folks are recognized as brilliant. In their small minds, it diminishes them. Harris-Perry is my sheroe and I KNOW she’s gonna be great!!! As for West & Smiley black-face, white lips minstrel show, yaw keep on tap dancing!! Fanteeking/Cape Coast

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