Supreme Court Justice and Wife Robbed in Carribean

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer and his wife Jan, were robbed at knifepoint in their Caribbean home in Nevis.

The caribbean appears to be getting a little too rough for vacationing.  Anytime a U.S. Supreme Court Justice and his family members are accosted by thieves at knife point in the islands, there is cause for worry.

On the island of Nevis, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer and his wife along with several friends were threatened by a man wielding a machete and wearing a mask.  He made off with $1,000 according to CNN.  The island of Nevis in the West Indies has been ravished with robberies lately.

Breyer and his family were fortunate that the bandit only robbed them for their money and left their home.  Where was their security?  Good question.  Normally, the U.S. Marshalls are responsible for securing the officers of the court.  But the only statement released from their department thus far was that they are “aware of the incident.”  Breyer has yet to comment as well, but the incident sheds light on the island’s rising crime problems.

The people that have bought homes there to retire  are starting to reconsider because this incident is one of the most highly publicized, but nowhere near the first.  Read more here.

-J.C. Brooks

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