‘Don’t Call Me African American’ FB Page is Well ‘Liked’

The time has come for the people of color in the U.S. to again make the assessment of our placement on the planet by way of our ethnic moniker.  A young man has called to task the use of the term “African-American” as being irrelevant to our present footing in the country.  Being “black” is enough for him.

Gibre George, 38, is a black man from Miami and he started a Facebook page called “Don’t Call Me African-American” to express his opinions on the identifier.  But, what he did not know was that there were many more folks out there that agree with him.  So far, he has garnered 1,872 likes and 1,743 people who are “talking about this.”

According to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, George believes his point-of-view is shared with a younger generation:

“It just doesn’t sit well with a younger generation of black people,” continued George, who is 38. “Africa was a long time ago. Are we always going to be tethered to Africa? Spiritually I’m American. When the war starts, I’m fighting for America.”

That statement is a little surprising because it seems that he is saying the African lineage in his family has been broken over the years.  Maybe that is what a lot of the “younger generation” believes.  But, it’s amazing how people feel when Skip Gates would take them through the process of locating their ancestors on his show “African American Lives”.  Their great, great, great, great, grandparents seem closer than ever in that very moment when their existence is laid in front of them for review.  Most, break down in tears at the atrocities that have made them American, not African.

Maybe we’ll end up identifying with “colored” again.  You think?  This topic is far too complex for any one person to be right or wrong.  The conversation is back though and it will surely heat up from here.  So I’ll end my conversation with, you can call me African American.  You can call me black, I’m fine with either term.  Just don’t call me n…………

Read the rest of the report here. What does this conversation mean to you?

-J.C. Brooks

4 thoughts on “‘Don’t Call Me African American’ FB Page is Well ‘Liked’”

  1. I’ve never liked the term African American. I can’t remember any of my black friends ever using the term. I’ve only heard it on TV, Movies, and in business or scholastic situations. How far back do we have to go? Really, most of us, if not all of humanity, goes back to northern Africa. Not to mention I have several friends born in Africa who are fair skinned. They are TRULY “African American” and yet no one uses that term in reference to them. I hate that we need to differentiate people one from another since there are no clear lines that divide us – but unfortunately we still do. Everyone of us came from 16 great great grandparents. What are the chances that they were all from one country of origin? Since skin color is how Americans still differentiate, it makes sense to continue to use that as an unfortunate reference. And I believe many people are like me in that we could care less where our ancestors came from.

  2. Do not call me African American. I honor my ancestors from Africa who gave of their lives to enable me to be free by saying, “I am black.” They were lynched, worked from sun up to sun down, given meager food to eat, torn away from their families, sold at random, raped, beaten, and a host of other atrocities. This was done not because of where they came from, but because they were black.

    This is a part of our history — the blackness. We cannot allow it to be trivialized by political correctness.

  3. The proper term is(and should be) American African or just Ebony. Also the term Black is more of an attitude in 2012 than a race made up of individual minded people.
    African American means you was born somewhere on the continent of Africa and then later became an American citizen after moving to the U.S. So therefore, for those of us whose families has been here for generations, fought in wars for the u.s., attended u.s universities, worked for city, state, and federal government, we are…..American African.
    African American, italian American, latino american are all terms to constantly keep us and future generations divided in neighborhoods,workplace, and in the subconscious mind. This division tactic is played out and fueled by the media, past and present. This division tactic is also played out in middle and high school history books, where many historians only show the positive eurocentric – (as if the genocide to native americans for land and resources, or the tortures of slavery upon many africans (in our christian country) which lasted from 1526 to 1870’s, after the civil war the constant lynching(which still happens today), segregation in high government offices, schools, public places(which lasted until the 1960’s by federal law) completely bias juries, tax paying terror groups i.e. the kkk ) side of american history. This leaves “white” caucasian students feeling pride in themselves with all the questions answered in a pollyanna manner regarding their “race” and u.s history, etc etc while american african students are left to hear only about slavery and the civil rights era in a paragraph or two and then later on either ends up hating the class or finds amer. history boring. American historians also tend to leave out all the important american african doctors, attorneys, military men, freedmen, and inventors of the 1800 and 1900’s. Without such knowledge, this leaves amer. african students feeling as if their race had little to do with the founding of America, when africans was here working long before the mayflower arrived. In Short, everyone(esp black and white) in the U.S. has been brainwashed by false historical facts and events. esp(most recently) latinos from the carribean,mexico, south america etc etc region, most of the (any) darkness in your skin pigment could be due to the slave trade! You can thank Spain of the 1400-1500s for shipping many Africans everywhere they landed instead of doing the work themselves. ,”black” and “white” people have been brainwashed by using elementary terms such as “black” and “white”. What adult historian(s) and publishers with the categorizing and labeling skills came with such nonsense terms. These terms were manufactured to separate generation after generation of the u.s population by vote and class. Also many history teachers refuse to teach or believe that we all, humans, came from Pangea – the earliest human remains found in Africa.
    Please read the book, “Lies My Teacher Told Me” by James Loewen

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