Caffeine Inhaler ‘Aeroshot’ Hits Shelves with Controversy

Aeroshot is a caffeine inhaler with 100 milligrams of caffeine in every shot.

For the folks out there that are looking for ways to make their morning run even faster, this new product may be for you.  Normally, coffee drinkers would fire up the coffee pot and wait a few minutes, but now you can just take a blast of caffeine in an asthma-like inhaler on your way out the door.

The Aeroshot packs 100 milligrams of caffeine and Vitamin B into every blast, according to the New York Daily News.  But, the sells for the inhaler have been lackluster since it hit New York shelves last month.  One store even had to send the shipment back to the distributor because no one would purchase it.  New Yorkers like to power strut with their cup of coffee in hand.  The inhaler takes the theatrical routine out of making and drinking the world’s last legal stimulant.

David Edwards, a biomedical engineering professor, is the creator of Aeroshot and he feels the lipstick-sized inhaler is a strong competitor for Red Bull.  But, so far, the caffeine stimulant hasn’t drawn the attention of coffee drinkers nor energy drink consumers and it draws concerns that it will attract the wrong clientele…the clubbing teenage crowd looking to get a high.

Would you use it?  If so, tell us why?  Read the full report here.

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