Talented Man Sings About His Crack Addiction, Covers Lyfe Jennings Song (Video)

Unidentified talented singer and crack user in New Orleans videotaped by young black men singing a cover of Lyfe Jennings "Must Be Nice" as "Must Be Crack."

One of the most hopeless exhibitions I’ve ever seen displayed in our community was recently recorded by young black men in a New Orleans neighborhood.  They are probably making fun of this man that would be labeled a “crack head” because they are amused by a song he sings that is an amazing cover of Lyfe Jennings’ “Must Be Nice” as “Must Be Crack.”

The man could win on the X-Factor tomorrow.  He not only sings, but he raps like Lil’ Wayne…but better.  He obviously had a dream and somewhere along the way it was crushed and smoked up in a crack pipe.  Look at Ted Williams.  The Columbus, Oh., man who was homeless and called a crack head.  A reporter’s video of him using his “golden voice” got him off the streets, on Dr. Phil, in one of the best rehab facilities in the country and gainfully employed. Inadvertently, this video of him could possibly save his life as well.

It is so important that we do not use objective terms like the word “crack head” to describe these people.  They are humans.  They have dreams.  They have talents, but are simply lost.  If we didn’t write them off, how many of them could have returned to normal lives where they could have been functional fathers, mothers, and professionals.  It is our hope that someone will see this video and reach out and help this man.

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “Talented Man Sings About His Crack Addiction, Covers Lyfe Jennings Song (Video)”

  1. Ignored this on other sites. Figured if you put it up, I should check it out. lol
    I know this man. I mean, I don’t know HIM, but I know him.
    So many good brothas undone by being under the influence.
    It’s OK.
    When people get sick and tired of being sick and tired – they’ll stop being sick and quit being tired.

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