Facebook Friend ‘Delete’ Leads to Double Murder

Jamie Curd, 38, and Marvin Potter, 60, murdered a couple that didn't want to be friends with Potter's daughter on Facebook and deleted her.

This has to be one of the more bizarre stories surrounding Facebook and the negative side of networking.  One more of these stories and Facebook may be getting an overhaul.  There’s no possible way to explain what could cause two people to be murdered because they chose to exercise the most powerful tool of control that Facebook offers, deleting friends or “de-friending.”

According to MSNBC,  Matthew Potter, 60, and Jamie Curd, 35, went to a couple’s home and murdered them because the two didn’t want to be friends with Potter’s daughter, Jenelle Potter, 30.  Yes. She is a grown woman.  The couple, Billy Payne Jr. and his girlfriend, Billie Jean Hayworth, had complained that Jenelle Potter had been harassing them ever since they deleted her from their friend lists.

It is obvious that everyone involved, except the couple, are about 52 cards short of a deck. How does anyone put together a campaign against another because they don’t want to be friends anymore…on FACEBOOK?!  Well, whatever the reason was for the father’s cheese to slide off the cracker doesn’t matter.  He’s going for the loooooong ride on two counts of first degree murder.  Read more here.

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