BHM Spotlight: Young Investor Worth $50k (Video)

We just came across a young man who we are proud to shine a light on for his achievements.  He’s only 14, and he’s already on his way to being a millionaire.  His mother is also a very important part of his story on how he became an investor.

That’s right! The young man is Damon Williams and he has 52 shares of Nike already.  His mom, Alicia Williams, taught him that if he was going to buy their shoes, he was going to own a part of the company.  Imagine if every mother made their child put money into the company they bought products from or even self-taught herself and her child the financial knowledge he uses to make his trades?

Williams is an average kid who shows us that anyone can do it.  He was smart enough to sit down and study financial products and now he’s worth a little more than $50k at 14 years old.  Check out his story.  Bring the kiddies to the screen this time!

We salute you Damon Williams!!

-J.C. Brooks


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