Senator Hopeful Campaigns with Anti-Asian Ad During Super Bowl (Video)

Pete Hoekstra's campaign ad for Senator features Asian prosperity from our spending.

Here we go again! Republican says something racist and everyone is in an uproar.  Are you seeing a pattern yet?  No one would be so surprised if everyone would simply settle themselves with the fact that…um…well…the republican party is somewhat, I mean, mostly, kinda …racist! No one wants to say it.  It truly is the elephant in the room.

But when some of their racist thoughts are displayed in their legislation and ideology it is cloaked.  The latest debacle, that even has republicans disturbed by its blatant attack on Asians, comes out of Michigan via Pete Hoekstra.  He’s a senate hopeful in the 2012 election for the state of Michigan’s 2nd congressional district; a seat he held until 2011.

The ad he used for his campaigning platform is calling out “DebraSpendItNow”.  She represents the American idea of spending is better than cutting.  He refers to himself as PeteSpendItNot and he will do all he can to keep Asians from reaping the benefits of our inability to discipline ourselves economically.  But he conveys this message by using a pretty Asian woman to thank us for asking them for money because it allows them to prosper more and more every day.

You check out the ad and make the call.  Does this ad make a target out of Asians like some are saying it does?  Check it out.

-J.C. Brooks

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