President Obama Under Fire from Catholics Opposed to Birth Control

Throughout the world, women have always had to fight for equal rights.  This country is not excluded in that struggle.  In a bold move made by the President Obama administration, he has come to the defense of women to make birth control and other contraceptives available to those who work for Catholic employers.

According to the L.A. Times, catholic hospitals and universities are now required to include contraception in their healthcare plans.  Most democratic strategists do not feel that this move will be devastating to the Obama campaign because fundamentally it is in support of women.  This action does not violate religious rights it simply supports women.

The catholic church has no problem putting their hand out to receive government funding, yet they are highly opposed to this law and plan to fight.  But, aren’t they imposing their beliefs on their employees that are not Catholic?  Churches are excluded from this ruling, but they still feel quite strongly about the ruling.

Mitt Romney, who is already committed to repealing the President’s healthcare laws, has already jumped on this ruling to further his campaign against Obama.

Read more on the controversial law here.

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “President Obama Under Fire from Catholics Opposed to Birth Control”

  1. I still say Mitt Romney is;
    “An American Asshole”

    America NEEDS Obama for a second term!

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