Lost Malcolm X Speech Uncovered by Brown Student

Malcolm X was a prolific writer and speaker that conveyed a message of Black Pride.  The speeches he has given are some of the most profound and eloquent words on behalf of African Americans and their right to defend themselves.  But he didn’t want blacks to only defend themselves against brutality, but defend their history and culture that had been dismissed since slavery.

Malcolm Brunley, 22, runs across archived documents that leads to a priceless find of an unheard speech by Malcolm X in 1961 at Brown University and much more.

And now there is an opportunity to hear more of his teachings because a Brown University student stumbled upon information that led him to a find of a lifetime. Malcolm Brunley, 22, was reading an article written in the 1961 edition of the Brown University Herald, the school’s old student newspaper, when he came across information about a speech that Malcolm X delivered at the University to a predominantly white audience.  According to USA Today, he delivered a speech that was a little different than his others:

“In the May 11, 1961, speech delivered to a mostly white audience of students and some residents, Malcolm X combines blistering humor and reason to argue that blacks should not look to integrate into white society but instead must forge their own identities and culture.”

At the time, he was 35 years old and a part of the Nation of Islam and still a part of the separatist movement.  He would be assassinated four years later.  The audio footage was discovered because Brunley decided to delve further into Brown’s archives after reading the article.  So far Brunley has had the tape digitized, but there is no plan as of yet for the nation to have access to it.  But Brunley will air the tape at an event next week at the Rhode Island Black Heritage Association.

Read more here to see the accounts of those black students that were present at that speech and how one of them was adamantly against Malcolm X’s teachings.  Brunley’s discovery uncovered much more than he ever imagined.

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