Robo Calls Used to Suppress Black Voter Turnout in Maryland Heads to Court

Julius Henson and former Republican Governor Robert Ehrlich were in collusion to trick African American voters away from the polls in 2010.

The Tom Joyner Morning Show and Michael Baisden and other media outlets all had warnings for the black community about the voter manipulation and violation of voter’s rights during the Presidential campaign.  African American voters called into their shows saying how they were being prevented from voting because of any crazy excuse they could make up at their polling location.  Some reported strange calls telling them that they didn’t need to vote for suspicious reasons.

A case out of Maryland that has been simmering for a couple years has finally made its way to the courtroom.  Maryland voter’s rights were infringed upon in 2010, when former governor Robert Ehrlich colluded with Julius Henson to sway the vote with “robocalls” that automatically called African American voters’ homes and told them to “relax,” no need to vote because the Democratic mayor Martin O’ Malley that was running for governor had already won.

They will have a hard time explaining their way out of this one especially since Henson has already been tied to the tapes! Henson! What happened? How you gonna treat your people man?!

Read more on the case here.

-J.C. Brooks

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