Photographer Presents ‘Beauty In Black’ To Show Off Black Women

Photographer Paul Phillips project "Beauty in Black" celebrates black women and their beauty.

Last year, we reported on a quack scientist, Satoshi Kanazawa, who claimed that black women were less attractive than all other women in the world according to a flawed investigation he performed.  As you might have guessed, his report–printed in Psychology Today–caused such an outrage he was fired and the study retracted.

Photographer Paul Phillips protested the study in his own way with a new coffee table book called “Beauty In Black”.  In the article from,  he said:

“As a black man who is married to a beautiful black woman, I didn’t get mad I got busy. I am creating a photo essay that will portray the beauty of African American women of all shades, shapes and sizes.”

The “Beauty in Black” project is a culmination of 30 to 40 high quality black & white and color photographs that exhibits all the many shades and spirits of black women.  Phillips is using, the world’s largest online funding platform for creative projects, to complete the book and publish it by March 2013.

Read more here on how to be proactive not reactive to a racist attack.

-J.C. Brooks

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