Pam Grier Gets Candid About Black Shortage in Hollywood and Life After Blaxploitation

The 70’s bombshell, Pam Grier, has a lot to say about the direction of Hollywood these days.  She was known as a strong, sexy, shut’cho mouf black sister back in the day.  And even now, she’s still holding her own, but she doesn’t see an easy walk back into movie roles.

According to the Winnipeg Free Press, Grier, 62, is upset that the Hollywood studios are still underrepresented by African Americans.  The majority of African American roles seen on the big screen these days are due to Tyler Perry’s studios.  Grier said that black actors have been marginalized by Hollywood and they are only interested in building on actor “brands” that will maintain the money flow.

She revealed in the interview that she has been raped at several different times in her life, as a child, teenager and then again as an adult.  No one would have known from her roles as Coffy, Foxy Brown, Sheba Baby, to name a few, that she was shy and timid going into Hollywood.

Nowadays, she lives the calm life in Colorado.  She  is still in remission from cervical cancer she had at age 39.  Her book, “Foxy: My Life in Three Acts,” is a memoir she wrote in 2010 and is being adapted to film.  She’s not sure who she wants to play her.

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