Radio Show Host to GOP Candidate: ‘I’m About to Put Yo’ Ass Outta Here’ (Video)

Thaddeus Matthews talk radio show host in Memphis berates and belittles GOP Congressional candidate Charlotte Bergmann on the air.

Memphis, Tennessee’s airwaves are still sizzling from a recent radio interview that ended with the radio show host threatening his own guest.  A black female GOP candidate running for congress really brought out the bad side of this guy. We can understand being impatient with Republican/Tea Party nuts, but he went just a little too far.

It seems that radio talk show host Thaddeus Matthews invited GOP candidate Charlotte  Bergmann to his show to get answers about her track record and campaign.  She dodged his questions on being a member of the Tea Party on being an Obama supporter and what she had done for the 9th congressional district that she wants to represent.

For most of the interview she can’t get a word in edgewise, so it’s evident that he had plans for her before she got on the mic.  Every time he would ask her a question, she would begin to deflect from the question and he…went…off!

He finally got to the point where he said:

“I am so sick of yo’ sh…stuff and I’m about to put yo’ ass up outta here.”

“You are a token negro that white folk have control over.”

“You crazy as hell! Here you are another one of them stupid ass republicans that want to throw money at the issues.”

Yeah! He went there.  After a while there was no one talking but Matthews.  His rant went on for 16 minutes, but we only have the last nine minutes of the interview…which is the worst part of it.  He even said that no one gave a damn about her being up on a billboard with Martin Luther King…and that was her last straw.  That remark ended the interview for her.

It’s okay to call republicans on their stuff, but you gotta give them a chance to speak in order to catch them in it, Matthews!  In the end, she took the abuse from him, but he made himself look like the ass.  Check it out!

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “Radio Show Host to GOP Candidate: ‘I’m About to Put Yo’ Ass Outta Here’ (Video)”

  1. There is no excuse for using that type of language and being that rude and disrespectul to a guest that he invited on the show. If he had spoken to me like that, I would have given him the beatdown right on the show.

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