Is Kevin Olusola the Future of Hip Hop? (Video)

Kevin Olusola has created a new genre of music by combining classical and hip-hop music to make "Cello Boxing."

Hip-Hop has turned itself inside out with creativity.  Through that creativity, we’ve watched the genre grow immensely over the last 30 years.  It used to be turntables and the crossover scratch between albums.  But the new lifeblood to the music combines instruments and beatboxing.

Kevin Olusola is an accomplished classical musician who has managed to combine classical music with a hip-hop beat.  The remarkable young man is only 23 years old and he speaks five languages, has already played Carnegie Hall, and has won TV’s “Sing-Off” with his accapella group, Pentatonix.

But Olusola’s “cello boxing” brings classical music as well as hip hop to another level.  His creation adds something to the world of music that is needed and refreshing to both genres.  Watch his interview on the Today show and be completely amazed and encouraged by this talented young man.  Go get the kiddies!

-J.C. Brooks

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