Athlete Chooses College Based on Chick-fil-A Location? (Video)

Cassanova McKinzy, newly recruited linebacker being joked for choosing Auburn because of campus Chick-fil-A.

Something doesn’t add up in the story on a new recruit to Auburn University.  Any time a black athlete chooses a college based on the close proximity of his favorite chicken joint, one has to ask a few more questions.

The Huffington Post reported that Cassanova McKinzy (Yes that is his name! We did not make that up) was being interviewed after he decided which college he had chosen between Auburn and Clemson.  The linebacker said he chose Auburn because it had a Chic-fil-A on campus.  But the editing of the report looks like there’s a lot of room for McKinzy’s words to have been taken out of context and used to make him look really dumb.

You have to check it out for yourself because I could swear that the reporter is trying to be funny…racist funny.  Maybe I’m wrong.  Let me know.  I really want to be wrong about this one.

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “Athlete Chooses College Based on Chick-fil-A Location? (Video)”

  1. Well, we have to be comfortable and going to college isnt easy when you love mom’s home cooking. You have to find something comparable-in Cassonova’s case it is Chik-fil-A. The people there are so polite. I love it. If they had Chik-Fil-A and Starbucks when I was going I might do the same thing. Today, if I am going on a long road trip I must have the Starbucks locations mapped out. So do what you have to do. I just hope he has a successful college career.
    Now to answer your question. The audio and video are delayed. The reporter does stress the word “chicken” every time he uses it. Then follows that by questioning the athletes sports ability.. I think the reporter is just a hater, not making fun.. (yeah that’s what I think). Would they (numerous folk reporting this unorthodox method of making choices) have preferred he use a coin.. (heads or tails)..

  2. The interview was so edited, who knows what the real context was related to chick fila A. I don’t blame him if the other choice only had a restaurant 15 minutes off campus. That also means the college is in a rural area. His comments infer that he prefers a campus of convenience, seems he just mentioned the Chick Fil A. The reporter is just attempting to make supposedly comical news. I don’t find it funny!

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