U.S. Segregation is Lowest in a Century

The supporters of the Civil Rights era fought to desegregate the United States because African Americans were not just separated from whites, but not treated equal by whites.  One of the most important inequalities was the inferior education that African Americans received as opposed to that of the white community.  But now that more opportunities have availed, we can add desegregated communities to that list.  YAAAYYYY!  We got it made!  Right?

In Tuesday’s USA Today,  a report authored by Harvard University economics professor Edward Glaeser and Duke University professor Jacob Vigdor attempts to prove that segregation across all areas of social action have essentially been decimated by the overflowing opportunities the black community is experiencing. [side eye]  The reports findings are based on the “black suburbanization, gentrification, access to credit, fair housing laws and immigration” as major contributors to the decline.  Did they say gentrification?

But the playing field is still significantly unbalanced when it comes to employment. The prosperity of black and white communities is still distinctly separated by the racial climate that, on this first day of Black History Month, has still disenfranchised African Americans in the corporate world.  There have been some breakthroughs, but the country does not reflect the mission that desegregation sought to improve.

Read more on the report here. But judging from the categories used to alert us to this major change, it still appears that the segregation is only geographical.

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