Martin King III Ousted by King Center Board as CEO

Martin King III resigns as CEO of the Martin Luther King Center in Atlanta, Ga., January 17, 2012.

Martin Luther King, Jr., fought very hard for African Americans  to have laws that protect and ensure equal treatment for them.  But now, it appears that his son Martin King III is not feeling the equal treatment between himself and the board of the King center that Coretta Scott King built to protect and continue her husband’s legacy.  King was ousted by the board that governs the King center because of his poor leadership, but King sees things quite differently.

For many years, the  the family has been scrutinized over controversial actions taken by the family for what some see as their disrespect of their father’s legacy to turn a profit.  Martin King III falls on the side of not compromising the center to the for-profit entity of the King franchise, King Inc.  King says that he stepped away from his  position of CEO of the King Center.  According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, he submitted a resignation letter to the board Jan. 17, saying:

“I disagree with the new direction of the board, which makes the center essentially an extension of King Inc. rather than acknowledge the fundamentally different and at times conflicting motives of a for-profit corporation vs. a public foundation…”

The relationship between the board members–which is really just his family members and former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young–has been strained over this move as well as past actions that have come between them in decisions made concerning their father’s legacy.

Read more on the controversial move here.

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