Jokey Joke: Jay Leno At it Again! FLOTUS Shows Al Roker Her Bad Side

Last week, we showed you how Jay Leno saw the President’s performance at the Apollo.  No one else saw the panties thrown on the stage at the President but him and he caught it on video…Jay Leno style.  Now, he has his sights set on the First Lady. He had her on his show last night and revealed that he has seen her bad side.

Leno had his rendition of what occurred during an interview between Michelle Obama and Al Roker on her campaign for keeping the nation’s kids healthy.  Leno felt that Obama may have been a little too testy during her interview.  She was merely asked by Al Roker about her exercise routine and BAM! he was caught off guard by the First Lady’s haymaker.

Check it out! Hilarious!

-J.C. Brooks

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