Detroit Teen Shoots Mother to Death, Cousin Supports Him (Video)

Joshua Smith, 14, and his mother Tamiko Smith, which he shot several times as she slept.

There’s always a situation where we want to judge before we know all the facts…and this would be one of them!  A child coming home and deciding that they will shoot their mother while she sleeps is enough to make anyone become judge and jury.  But the teen’s cousin is an insider who feels there is much more to the story.

Celicia Smith told Detroit’s Fox News that her little cousin, 14-year-old Joshua Smith is not “a straight up killer.”   Continue reading

Is Liquid Plummer ‘Double Impact’ Ad Too Much Sex for Daytime TV (Video)

It seems the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is picking and choosing their fights on television.  They’ve put the smackdown on the language used on daytime talk shows and  what they call “family programming” like the Super Bowl. But, somehow, companies have been able to slide their commercials right past the regulation of the FCC.

The latest “slippage” would be Liquid Plummer’s Double Impact commercial.  According to a Facebook poll, some say Continue reading

Ohio High School Shooter’s Creepy Facebook Posting Discovered (Video)

Chardon, Ohio, shooter, 17-year-old TJ Lane, is "not well" according to the Prosecutor.

By now, everyone has heard of the shocking shooting event that occurred in an Ohio high school last week.  Prosecutors said that despite all the rumors of bullying and drugs that are circulating the boy is simply “not well.”

Detroit radio station, WJLB, posted a copy of a Facebook posting the shooter put on his wall in December and it more than confirms the prosecution’s stance.  The shooter, TJ Lane, 17, lived with his grandfather and was clearly “troubled” when he Continue reading

Backyard Barbecue Rained On By Human Waste from Plane

Can you say, “Yikes!” Never in a million years would anyone sitting in their backyard having a leisurely barbecue imagine that the planes the children are running and waving and pointing at overhead would “leak” all over them.  And even if it did leak some type of fluid, it would never, ever, ever, be human waste? Would it? Continue reading

Yahoo! Prepares to Sue Facebook Over Patents

The social networking realm of the technology world is steadying itself for a huge rumble in the jungle.  Facebook has risen so fast it appears that they have forgotten a few things that brought them to the top.  Now, it’s time to pay the piper!

Yahoo! is fed up with Facebook and wants them to acknowledge the services they’ve provided.  The patents on those services have Continue reading

BHM Spotlight: Longest Serving Airman Retires

Major General Alfred K. Flowers retires after 47 years of service in the Air Force and Department of Defense

The military will sorely miss one of its finest pilots and budget analysts for the Department of Defense.  The work ethic it takes to pull off something he was able to perform for nearly half the century is nearly unheard of today and would be admired in any profession. Continue reading

Contract Expires Today Between Netflix and Starz

Uh oh! Netflix is experiencing technical difficulties again. We just reported the mass exodus of customers in October of last year and now they may lose a few more. ]Netflix customers don’t play!  They showed them that when 800,000 of their customers abandoned ship last year.  But this time it’s not really their fault. Continue reading

Ground Broken for Smithsonian’s African American Museum (Video)

Groundbreaking ceremony for the National Museum of African American History and Culture, Wednesday, February 22, 2012. Photo credit: Charles Dharapak / AP

There is nothing more important than the preservation of a people and their culture.  The experiences of those people will interconnect with other cultures, but that which is profoundly unique to that set of people is and forever will be profoundly their own accomplishments and experiences.

On Wednesday, February 22, the ground was broken for the Smithsonian’s newest addition, the National Museum of African American History and Culture.  The President and First Lady Continue reading