Parents Pull Kids from Texas School for Rioting and Crime (Video)

Riot in Dekaney high school in Houston, Tx., caught on video.

America’s education system is upside down.  Daily we hear numerous stories of mayhem out of schools across the country on every level from kindergarten to high school.  The students are actually surviving each day of school rather than experiencing a productive day of education.  Texas is now on the radar for a school that has seen rioting and violent activity on a regular basis.

According to the Huffington Post, the school’s parents are asking that the school be shut down because parents are literally afraid that their kids won’t make it through the school day.  Friday, a riot broke out in Dekaney high school located in Houston, Tx.  Allegedly, four students started fighting in the cafeteria, but the altercation spread into a riot…and this isn’t the first time. In November, authorities had to enter the high school and break up a brawl with pepper spray.

The incident that occured Friday was caught on one of the student’s cell phone. Others spoke with reporters at KHOU about their fears of attending the school.  Who would blame the parents for taking their kids out of the school?  They need to shut the school down and start over from scratch.  Morgan Freeman isn’t available to clean up this one.

Check out the full report.

-J.C. Brooks

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