Brooklyn Mother Abandons Children on Corner, Leaves Extra Diapers (Video)

Dalisha Adams, 26 (shown on the right) left her children Dominae, five, and three-year old on a street corner in Brooklyn.

Today the devil announced the grand opening of another special wing of hell he likes to call the “RHOA wing.”  It’s where pretentious, delinquent, couth-less women go to die.  During the grand opening speech, he welcomed a Brooklyn mother as his sole inspiration for the project.

Dalisha Adams, 26, pulled up to a curb in Brooklyn and dropped her girls off Dominae, five, and three-year-old Diani and never came back, according to witnesses in a report from the Daily Mail.  She was, at the very least, courteous enough to bundle up her girls in down coats and Ugg boots before she deserted them on the street.

They were discovered by an elderly couple who reported that the girls didn’t know their last name, where they lived nor the make and model of their mother’s car.  All they knew was that her car was white and gave a possible street where they lived.

Adams’ neighbor was interviewed and she said that it was not unusual for her to yell and curse at the girls:

“‘She was always yelling at the kids, “shut the f*** up”.

‘One day, I heard her curse out the little baby, “I’ll punch you in the f***ing face”.’

The woman also said she heard more shouting on Sunday, shortly before the girls were abandoned.

‘A kid was crying. She was saying, “stop crying, shut the f*** up. I’m gonna get you out of here”,’ she said.

The girls were obviously shaken and confused about the ordeal.  The mother was arrested at 11pm; about four hours after she posted a pic on her Facebook page of a nude man holding a bottle of pink champagne.  She had no intention on doing anything but partying with some naked dude while her vulnerable little girls could be eaten up by the streets.

Read the full report here…if  you can stomach it.  Or watch the video below.

-J.C. Brooks

Young Girls Left On Street In Brooklyn:

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