Teacher Allows Children to Play ‘Slave Game’ of Tag

One teacher has stretched the boundaries of educating children on the subject of slavery far beyond the guidelines of her position.  Picture this:  “Time to go to recess children.  How about we play a game of “Catch the Slave.”  It’ll give you a good idea of what happened many years ago.  Now!  Tameka come over here and be the first slave to be caught today!”

Ok, well, maybe it didn’t exactly go like that, but one can guess that it was somewhere in that area.  According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, last week a few students at Camp Creek Elementary School in Lilburn, Ga., participated in a game of “slave tag” with their teacher and classmates during recess.

Parents, Ericka Lasley and Charvia Rivers both said that their children told them “similar versions” of the game they played on the playground.  Lasley told Channel 2 that her 8-year old daughter said:

“She was a slave and other students were slave catchers during a game similar to tag.

The report also stated that the third grader said the game was the teacher’s idea and it would be a great way to cover the material they were learning. The school denies the teacher’s involvement.

Lasley’s daughter said:

“[The teacher] would sit on the bench and the slave catchers would come up to the door and ask did she have any slaves.”

What in the fraggle nackle bull shiggidy is this?  Imagine your child coming home to report this type of game to you.  Would you have been at the school in 0.2 seconds looking for that teacher with brass knuckles on? Or would you try to get the principal to implement a new diversity and sensitivity BOOT camp for the boldly ignorant teacher on her staff?

Read more here on this ludicrous new form of teaching.

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  1. Ok. Enough with the game – FIRE the ignorant “Teacher” and “Teach Her” a thing or two about professionalism, role modeling, empathy and respect.

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