Man Startled to Find His Image on Diabetes Ad on NYC Billboards

Be careful of those photographers or ad reps that are offering to put you or your child into the “business” by taking your photograph.  They will have you sign a waiver that will limit your rights to how the photos are used or any additional monies.  One man is suffering the consequences of similar actions several years ago.

According to Yahoo! News,  the New York Times reported a story on Cleo Berry, 27, who now lives in Los Angeles, but was a struggling young actor looking for a gig when he came across photographer Morten Smidt.  He was given $500 to sit for a photo shoot and the rest is history.  The images he signed away in a waiver are now being used as a part of a shocking diabetes campaign in New York that show him as an amputee.

The photo startled Berry when he saw it.  He was totally unaware that he was minus one leg and that the pictures of him with an amputated leg were being used in an ad campaign throughout the subways and billboards throughout the city.  While he is behind the ad campaign, he does not agree that the ad campaign use an altered photo of an able-bodied person rather than that of a person who has actually been affected by diabetes.

He reacted to the campaign saying:

“I was beyond shocked,” Mr. Berry said, recounting his reaction to seeing himself portrayed as ailing and crippled. “I cried at my computer screen for, like, a minute.”

Then, after studying the ad more closely, “I said: ‘Oh my gosh, they even gave me crutches. Come on, people.’ ”

But New York’s health department said this is business as usual.  That’s why you don’t sign waivers.  But, you know how it is.  It was $500 at a time when he really needed it.  Read more of his story here.

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