Cruise Line Offers Disaster Victims Less than $15,000 for their Trouble

The 21st century Titanic that occurred January 13, has left families broken by the death of their loved ones and some of them that have gone missing and the rest are distressed from simply surviving the ordeal.  And now it comes to the awkward time where a price tag is put on all of the lives that were shaken by the disaster.

According to the Huffington Post, the Italian ship operator Costa Crociere SpA has offered euro 11,000 (in American dollars $14, 460)  “plus reimbursement for the cost of cruise tickets and extra travel expenses.”  The cruise line is already aware that there is a serious class action lawsuit brewing if they don’t improve the deal by adding at least three more zeros to the number.

The sickest part of this ridiculously low offer is that the hundreds of employees of the ship are not included in the deal.  Them, nor 100 people who were injured or the families who lost family members.  But, they are prepared to deal one week after those who agree to it sign on the dotted line.

Costa is one division of the world’s biggest cruise operator, Miami-based Carnival Corp.  They told all passengers that were not injured that they would be reimbursed for all of their travel expenses including the cruise and any medical expenses they incurred.

Read more here to see how the lawyers are already having a field day with this one.  By next year this time, we may be saying “Carnival, who?”

-J.C. Brooks

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