Conn. Mayor to Latinos: ‘I Might Have Tacos’ Sparks OUTRAGE! (Video)

Latino activist groups send East Haven, Ct. Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr. 500 tacos after he makes racist remark "I might have tacos" when asked how he would support Latino community in an interview Tuesday, January 24, 2012.

Connecticut is brimming with mental illness today!  First there’s a cannibal on the loose for over a month, then the mayor of East Haven loses his marbles and, basically, flips off the Latino comment with a racial remark when asked how he would support the Latino community in a racial profiling and harassment case that has called for the arrests of four officers on federal charges for violating the constitutional rights of Latinos in the East Haven community.

According to MSNBC, Tuesday Mayor Joseph Maturo was asked how he would support the Latino community in an FBI sting against the East Haven police department for “racially profiling and bullying Latino residents” he said:

“I might have tacos when I go home. I’m not quite sure yet.”

He knew he had put his foot in his mouth almost as soon as the last word hit air.  The interview shows the fastest back tracking ever.  He then tries to deflect from his ignorant statement by getting  mad at the interviewer and blaming the media for twisting his words.

But then he tries to apologize for his comments saying:

“Unfortunately, I let the stress of the situation get the best of me and inflamed what is already a serious and unfortunate situation. I regret my insensitive comment and realize that it is my job to lead by example.”

Well, he was a day late and a taco short with that apology because a latino activist group, Junta for Progressive Action, made sure he had tacos for dinner last night…500 tacos!  The group is a local branch of the Reform Immigration for America organization and they put together a campaign overnight “which said that anytime someone texts the word ‘taco’ to 69866, it will deliver a taco to the mayor on their behalf.”  They received more than 2,600 texts by Thursday.

And please do yourself a favor and check out the full report on what the East Haven police department has been up to.  In addition to the harassment, they don’t have one Latino in their police department.

-J.C. Brooks

Mayor’s interview that sparked outrage in Latino community:

4 thoughts on “Conn. Mayor to Latinos: ‘I Might Have Tacos’ Sparks OUTRAGE! (Video)”

  1. OMG! If they re-elect this idoit again they are doomed.Do you mean to tell me this person really got elected to this office? I am in shock!!!The fool needs to be recalled he then had the nerve the gall to get mad at the reporter.He has just sent suupidity to a new leve!!!!

  2. Well I am not surprised… I worked in East Haven, CT and they are the most racist bunch of people! That is how they roll in CT!

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