Congressional Candidate Uses Obama Slave Ship for Campaign Ad? (Video)

Florida congressional candidate, Mark Oxner (parrot next to Obama), runs 39-second ad depicting President Obama as a slave ship captain.

Republicans keep proving themselves as the dunces of the class every single day.  But the GOP can’t be so dumb as to NOT shake their heads at this one.  In fact, this politicians days might be numbered behind this ad.  If he was trying to get into Congress, he may have dashed his chances with his “public” after they saw this one.

Mark Oxner is a Republican congressional candidate out of Florida’s 27th district who has started campaigning with an ad that depicts President Obama as a slave ship captain that is preparing to sail the country over a waterfall on the U.S.S. Obamaship.  Okay!  It’s one thing for established congressmen who have spent time in chambers with the President to try and disresepct him, but he’s not even in yet!  C’MON SON!

Check out this deplorable foolishness!  Oxner! You better hope someone will elect you for trash collector after this!

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “Congressional Candidate Uses Obama Slave Ship for Campaign Ad? (Video)”

  1. I cannot bare to read anymore. I am not sure why no one has called this party in for a one on one class of “how not to look ridiculous”. It appears as if they are all trying to out do each other for the DUMBEST comment/action award.

  2. I’m not surprised that the republicans would create an advertisement as racist, incendiary and just plain STOOPID as this because after all they are REPUBLICANS. What distressed me was that a young NEGRO took part in this piece of stoopidity. Maybe, he was Herman “Big Daddy” Cain’s grandson? Fanteeking/Cape Coast

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