UPDATE: 101-Year Old Detroit Woman Still on the Street

101-Year Old Texana Hollis after being promised that she could return to her home of 60 years, was turned away again.

Back in September, we reported that a 101-year old woman in Detroit was kicked out of her home that she owned with her husband after 60 years.  Her son got her into this mess with a reverse mortgage he thought he could use for updates to the house.  But, none of  the updates were made.

Now, four months after HUD told Texana Hollis she could move back into her home, they now are telling her that the house is uninhabitable, according to MSNBC.  HUD took ownership of Hollis’ home through the reverse mortgage and they allowed her to return only to turn her away.  Confusing, right? Not really.  They don’t want to assume responsibility in the event that she is hurt on “their” property.

The only upside to Mrs. Hollis’ misfortune is that her neighbor and longtime friend Pollian Cheeks, 68, heard about her problems and invited her into her home.  Mrs. Hollis responded to the situation saying:

“Polly’s just as nice to me as anybody could be. She goes out of her way to help me,” Hollis said, holding back tears. “It’s just like living at home, but it’s not my home.”

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-J.C. Brooks

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