The Dashed Dreams of Obama and His Administration

As we prepare for tonight’s State of the Union address and head into the new election period, we ready ourselves for the possibility of a new President and we reminisce on President Obama’s successes, but also his failures.  The summary of things he would’ve liked to accomplish, but were blocked for one reason or another, have been listed in a report from The Atlantic Wire.

The report gives a glimpse of the ideas and possible changes in administration that never happened.  Based on the report, he went up against Hillary Clinton and lost due to a “frosty” memo she shot back at him about the State Department and its budget.

Other items were his tax hike.  He stayed committed to his election pledge of not raising taxes even after him and his administration thought that a 5% tax hike by 2015 would put the nation on better financial footing.

But his election promise of a “bold space program” was dashed in 2009, from pressure from the deficit.  A West Wing memo stated:

“Especially in light of our new fiscal context, it is not possible to achieve the inspiring space program goals discussed during the campaign.”

The list goes on.  But, all of it does not add up to his successes.  We’ve seen him pass universal healthcare, rid the world of two terrorists including Osama bin Laden, and appoint two liberal supreme court justices.  But the stauls in his administration that are detailed in the Atlantic Wire could’ve helped him to do a lot more.  Check them out here.

-J.C. Brooks

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