Jokey Joke: Jay Leno’s Take on Obama’s Night at the Apollo

By now, everyone has seen President Obama crooning an amazing cover of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” at the Apollo Theater last week.  Even Al Green has chimed in and told CBS that the President “nailed” his song and said he was “thrilled that the president even mentioned my name.”

But, I think that Jay Leno’s version of Obama’s performance may take Al Green all the way back to when he was singing the song in concert.  This time around, the Apollo crowd shows much more “appreciation” for the President’s performance.

Check it out!

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “Jokey Joke: Jay Leno’s Take on Obama’s Night at the Apollo”

  1. Those seven words could get him a recording contract…LOVE MY PREZ
    Im glad he is strong.. causse he might have to sing his way through all of the HEAT is getting lately.. INCREDIBLE..

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