Youth Publicizing Crimes on YouTube is National Epidemic

"30 Seconds" Fight game videotaped in Detroit school that Dr. Phil featured on his show where the young girl on the floor contends that she was a victim and not a willing participant.

Media outlets of all kinds are talking about the worldwide distribution of various crimes committed by the youth of America.  A lot of the people in the YouTube videos have been arrested and detained.  The crimes range from beat downs to armed robbery.  What is the fascination with walking the line of adventures and arrests?

According to NewsOne, an incident in Chicago–on Martin Luther King’s birthday, Sunday–has resulted in the arrests of seven teenagers on Wednesday.  The incident is a result of a previous altercation last October between the 17-year old victim and 17-year old Raymond Palomino.

Palomino was charged as an adult in the beating and robbery, but the others, one 15-year old girl, two 16 year old boys and three 15-year old boys, were charged as juveniles.  Everyone involved took great joy in the beating and it was visible on the viral video that caused them all to be arrested.

Palomino’s father, Michael Palomino, a Cook County Sheriff’s Deputy, actually turned his son in to authorities when he saw his son’s actions on the video.  But, he still maintains that his son wasn’t the only culprit and that his son was actually retaliating from an “after school attack.”

But this is only one case, but there are the “30-seconds” beat down game that Dr. Phil featured on his show from a Detroit Public School.  The incidents are being recorded and that is the real problem because everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame…no matter how they have to get it. But, it is coming at the detriment of our children and families.  Is it time to shut down Facebook and YouTube?  How about put an age restriction on the two that can be enforced by computer code.  Sounds good to me!  What do you think?

Read more here on the epidemic.  Check out all the shocking teen trends that Dr. Phil has discovered and featured on his show Tuesday, January 17, 2012.

-J.C. Brooks

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