President’s Black Voter Outreach Led by Young NAACP Veteran

NAACP Organizer, Stefanie Brown, 31, is the new lead for voter outreach in President Obama's campaign.

Well ladies and gentleman, I guess you know it’s time to hit the old campaign trail with President Obama again, right?  Despite the attacks on the President, we have to have his back against all of the naysayers that have tried to prove that he could not do the job.  Yes, black unemployment has been up, but guess what, the numbers they are putting up have been our dilemma LONG before President Obama came into office.  And look who he’s up against!

We’ve got pimp daddy Newt Gingrich on this side of us, we’ve got the ultra conservative Rick Santorum on the other side of us, and in dead middle is Mitt Romney, an Obama hater from way back!  But, I don’t have to sell Obama, we have a young black woman who President Obama has entrusted to hit the streets and pull us together and get us to the voter’s booth for another win.

According to the Huffington Post, Stefanie Brown has been with the NAACP since she was 14-years old.  But now, the 31-year old organizer will see her many years of service to the organization pay off in a pivotal position with the President’s campaign.  Brown will target the African American Democratic constituency, but also “Latinos, Jews, the LGBTQ community, the young and the elderly.”

Brown sounds excited, but prepared to step up and get it done:

“African-American voters were among the president’s strongest supporters in 2008, and I am thrilled to help build that fervor again for 2012,” Brown said in a statement. “The president is going to need our community more than ever this year, and I look forward to working together to win a victory on Nov. 6.”

Read more here about the praises that Brown has earned from her colleagues and the President’s administration.

-J.C. Brooks

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