Jokey Joke: Relationship Advice in the ‘Hood…Set to Music (Video)

Emmanuel Hudson with his "unique" rendition of relationship advice.

There are a lot of young people out there blowin’ up YouTube with all kinds of video.   We’re glad this one has nothing to do with violence.  In fact, this young man took it upon himself to try and save some relationships out there with his unique brand of advice to young men and young women in the ‘hood.

Emmanuel Hudson gives a full example of one type of exchange that might occur in his ‘hood between a young man and his woman. The way he transforms between the woman’s role and the man’s role all while rapping the responses between the two, shows that he may have a future in Hollywood.

Looking at his face above, disarms you.  But, trust us! You’re not ready for this one!


-J.C. Brooks

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