Jerry Springer Stands Up for President Obama Against Fox News (Video)

Everyone should know by now that Jerry Springer thrives on controversy.  He’s made a career out of controversy.  From gay couples fighting with transvestite lovers to housewives fighting their husband’s midget lovers, Springer has taken on controversy–with bodyguards surrounding him and his talk show guests–with ease.  Why would Fox News think they would be a match for him on a controversial topic?

According to Yahoo! News, Springer was recently on Fox News as a part of a panel hosted by Gretchen Carlson and he decided to challenge the network’s slogan of being “fair and balanced” during an exchange about Newsweek’s most recent cover of President Obama with the words, “Why are President Obama’s Critics So Dumb?”  Let’s first point out that it takes real nerve for Fox News to associate themselves with being fair and balanced. And that’s probably what Springer was thinking when he said:

“Every single day, in fairness, you guys, every single day, bash President Obama. Every day!”

Carlson didn’t take kindly to Springer’s remarks and immediately went into counterattack mode.  She tried to defend her employer as best as she could and it all seemed to get a little too heated, so they cut to commercial.  But, we found a video that not only shows the exchange between Springer and Carlson, but a collage of Fox News reports that back up what Springer is saying. Check it out and ENJOY!

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “Jerry Springer Stands Up for President Obama Against Fox News (Video)”

  1. Sickening… good it’s all captured to back up..”JERRY, JERRY, JERRY!”

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