Man Smuggles Gun Into Jail in His Butt

There is no words to describe this one.  The guy went to jail and he shoved a gun up his butt!  There's no other way to explain an incident so ridiculous.  We understand you don't wanna get caught, but dayum! Thrusting a pistol up your butt! C'MON SON!

According to the Huffington Post, Michael Leon Ward was pulled over for speeding, but he got upset and wouldn't open the door for the police officer during the exchange. Officers physically removed him from his car and hauled him off to jail.  Turns out, this is a second home for him.

His rap sheet is longer than his body, so he knew he would be going down for the long ride. And he had to know they were going to do a full body search.  Well, according to the deputy he checked him as best as he could and nothing came up.  But, lo and behold there's a gun resting next to his pillow the next day.  Inmates tipped off the guards that he had a gun, a 10-inch .38, to be exact. 

Good luck with that rap in prison. The last thing you want to be known for in prison is that you're capable of holding a gun in your rectum.

Check it out.

-J.C. Brooks


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