Lost Photo Archive of MLK Assassination Re-Surfaces

Life Magazine photographer Henry Groskinsky took this rare photo of the reaction of the Southern Leadership Conference members and others in Martin Luther King's room at the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis, Tenn., after his assassination April 4, 1968. Credit: Henry Groskinsky/Time & Life Pictures.

The assassination of Martin Luther King devastated the country like no other death of a President, celebrity, or official.  The lives of African Americans were forever changed, but so was the rest of the country.  The crusade of non-violence that he led to eradicate the disease of racism in America’s legal system also forever changed this country’s laws long after his death.

But the day of his assassination left his closest friends, colleagues, and family devastated.  One photographer was able to capture a remnant of that day from corners of the site where he was shot.  Henry Groskinksy was a photographer from Life Magazine and he was surprised that he was able to get so close to the scene and take the photographs he took.  But, the pictures were never released….until now.

Slate magazine shows the full album of photos from the photo essay Groskinsky , now 77, was asked to put together for the pictures as they are released 44 years after King’s death.

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