Jokey Joke: Grandma Said ‘Don’t Sh*t In My House!’ (Video)

I don’t even know where to begin with this one.  This is the hands down funniest Jokey Joke we’ve put up.  But, grandma doesn’t find anything funny about her grandson takin’ a …ummm…dump in her bathroom!

At one point, she even says, “That’s why I live by myself!  I don’t look at my own sh*t!  I flush as I sh*t!”  If you have any problems with incontinence, please go strap on a diaper now because you don’t even want to pee on yourself while watching this!  Grandma is serious!

Warning!  There will be a lot of bad language!  Grandma is HOT!  This is not the average grandma, so this is not for the kiddies or work (without headphones anyway).  Enjoy!

-J.C. Brooks

One thought on “Jokey Joke: Grandma Said ‘Don’t Sh*t In My House!’ (Video)”

  1. LOL, she is too funny. Cracking up. These grandma’s are too much.

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