Woman with Two Vaginas Speaks On Rare Condition

Hazel Jones...the woman with two vaginas.

Wow.  You said it too.  What the hell?  We’ve heard of hermaphrodites, but this is something a little more interesting than it sounds.  Think about it.  Everything is doubled.  Double periods, possible double pregnancies, uncomfortable sex and  infections.  The side show idea one might initially have is that she has some gargantuan size genital area with a double labia, but this is an internal issue.

Hazel Jones, 27, talked about her condition on the This Morning show.  The show is foreign to us, but apparently AOL knows and they reported that the condition is indeed genuine.  The medical term for the disorder is “Uterus didelphys, more commonly known as ‘double uterus’ happens when a woman’s uterus forms differently and goes on to develop into two uteruses (wombs).”  The condition is “not uncommon,”  but her condition is “extremely rare.”  Having two separate vaginas is something outside the realm of medical understanding. 

Her sex life had been quite painful when she didn’t realize that she was toting an extra area of exploration.  She said that the condition led to her tearing her inner septum or inner wall that separated her vaginas.  Also, she mentioned that she “had to” lose her virginity twice because she had two hymens. 

Something about this account sounds fishy.  But, there was a health expert on the show, Dr. Dawn Harper and she said the  condition occurred “because the uterus tube septum failed to break down when Miss Jones was a baby, meaning two uteruses formed instead of one.”  Which leads to our next unbelievable tidbit offered by Jones:

“I’m told that if I get pregnant I’ve got to be careful I don’t get pregnant again in the other side because you can have pregnancies that are months apart. There is an increased risk of giving a breached birth and risk of bleeding while pregnant.”

X-Files, right?  Read more here…if you’re still with us.

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “Woman with Two Vaginas Speaks On Rare Condition”

  1. This is painful to read. Two pregnancies at once. .. ( I cannot even fathom that)..

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