Atlanta Falls in its ‘Gayest U.S. City’ Ranking

Atlanta or HOTlanta, as some like to call it, is taking it down a notch in its sizzle.  At least, the “fabulous” gay community seems to be diminishing in 2012.  The city has been home to a more welcoming African American community around the issue of homosexuality for some time.  It’s no wonder that in 2010, counting all ethnicities, Atlanta was the #1 gayest city in America.  But what does being the “gayest city” mean?

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Advocate’s annual gayest city ranking is not a conventional census-built algorithm.  They are actually gauging the “gayness” of the city and using a “per capita” formula so that smaller cities can get in on the ranking system and possibly win.  This year’s winner is Salt Lake City, Utah.  We said it was an unconventional process. 

The Mormon community may not be happy about the ranking.  But hey! Who knows? There may be some dissension in the Mormon ranks as well.  We’ve seen everything happen in the christian community haven’t we?  Christians are people too.  The other surprising element of the gayness of Salt Lake City is the night life discussed in The Advocate’s breakdown of choosing the city.

Check out one blurb from The Advocate’s report.  They don’t want Atlanta to slip in its attractiveness just because it only managed to place at #9 :

“People coming to Atlanta like to party, and the GayTL delivers with Black Gay Pride in September and Atlanta Pride in October, and the black gay clubs’ second-busiest weekend of the year surrounds the observance of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday in January. Holla!”

Check out the rest of the report here.

-J.C. Brooks


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