Are Willow and Jaden Really Being ‘Pimped’ in Their Careers? (Video)

Willow Smith as "Vegas Chick" found on the Necole Bitchie site Monday.

Will and Jada Pinkett  Smith are the darlings of the entertainment world and have allowed the public into their private lives maybe a little too much.  The recent rumors of separation or divorce between the couple have been confusing and even more rumors about why they might be splitting are in the air.  One of those rumors have to do with Willow and Jaden’s careers and if the couple aren’t seeing eye-to-eye on the management of their careers, especially when it comes to Willow.

Madame Noire found a picture of Willow holding on to a stripper pole Monday, with a photo caption of “Vegas Chick” on Necole Bitchie’s site.  They say that the image was taken down, but we all know how that goes.  Once you put it up on the Internet and someone sees it, there’ s really no way of protecting that information from being disseminated throughtout the world.  Basically, once it’s out there, IT’S OUT THERE.

So! Whoever took  the photo of her and whoever placed it online must have made a major mistake.  The rumors of the mismanagement of Willow and her brother looks like a credible rumor once this picture was seen.  My first question is why is she in a Vegas room?  Yes, she participates in music concerts and performed with Nicki Minaj in a recent video, but the suggestive picture steers her into a completely opposite side of the “Whip My Hair” Willow that we all know and love.

She’s 11-years old and the barely pre-teen child is being rushed into womanhood.  What happened to the lollipops and cotton candy type of production put in place for an artist her age?  Raven Symone is just beginning to pull away from that squeaky clean child star persona at the age of 26.  Madame Noire gives their take on the photo and it appears that they’re on point with their assessment.  Will and Jada may have a bit of damage control to perform over this one, but it won’t be the first time.

Check out the video “Fireball”, she does with Nicki Minaj.  Read Madame Noire’s perspective here.

3 thoughts on “Are Willow and Jaden Really Being ‘Pimped’ in Their Careers? (Video)”

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  2. I am not certain about the pole, but it is better not to be pigeon holed into a sweetie pie image when you are trying to express yourself when you get older.. Look at how hard it has been for Ms Raven to get out of that stereotype. I fear she will only be able to do Disney and Nickolodean for the rest of her life.. Haven’t watch Nicklodean for ever. I really forget how to spell it..Forgive me.

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