Jay-Z’s Marcy Houses Project is Also Home to Mutant Rats

Housing Authority worker, Jose Rivera, caught and stabbed a white, 3ft. long rat with his pitch fork in Brooklyn's Marcy Houses; the housing project famous for being Jay-Z's old neighborhood.

Jay-Z will probably hug his little  Blue Ivy a little tighter tonight as he watches the latest news unfold from his humble beginnings in the Marcy Houses in Brooklyn’s Bedford Stuyvesant  neighborhood.  In his raps, he has mentioned the rats and roaches of his former residence, but he didn’t tell us they were there since the prehistoric era.  The rats are humongous!

According to the Huffington Post, Jose Rivera, a caretaker for Marcy Homes was cleaning out rat holes when three mutant rats lunged out and he was able to catch one with a pitch fork.  Three ran, but he was only able to catch one.  The rat was white and nearly three feet long including its tail.  This infestation, of sorts, is beyond a rat trap or even a gas or poison. These super rats need to meet with a military impasse.

Naomi Colon is the head of the Marcy Houses Tenant Association and said that they had been dealing with this problem for six years.  Others affiliated with the housing project thought they would be penalized if they were identified, so they declined to speak on the matter.  But thanks to Rivera, Marcy Houses have one less prehistoric rat to contend with. 

Jay-Z must be relieved that none of them showed up when he had Oprah out there sippin on “quarter waters.”  How embarrassing when the rats and roaches decide to come out when company is over, right?  Check out the rest of the report here.

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