Papa John’s Employee Uses Racial Slur on Customer’s Receipt

We have our favorite fast food spots and for some of us, Papa John’s is at the top of that list.  Well….not anymore.  The latest “dumb-ass-thing-to-do-in-a fast-food-restaurant” happened in uptown Manhattan last Friday.  Normally, when the cashier takes your order, they give you a number or you give them your name.  Well, this cashier must have forgotten to do either.

According to the Huffington Post, an employee wrote “lady chinky eyes” on a customer’s receipt to describe the person who had placed an order.  What special piece of logic came across this person’s brain and made them think that this would be okay?  Well, they have plenty of time to ponder what  went wrong now that they’ve been fired.  Papa John’s didn’t mince words about the punishment like FedEx did when they caught the guy slingin’ equipment on the viral video.

The offended party, Minhee Choo, let the establishment have it when she took to Twitter with a copy of her receipt. You can’t do anything these days without folks to Facebook or Twitter.  Those two online social powerhouses are much more powerful than any police force ever has been.

Check out the story here.

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “Papa John’s Employee Uses Racial Slur on Customer’s Receipt”

  1. What, was the customer not a lady? Did she not have chinky eyes? Why so butthurt? Personally, I would’ve found this hilarious and given the delivery person the usual %20 tip and show everyone at work the receipt for the lols.

    It’s the American mentality to get butthurt and rage over every little stupid thing. Choo need to lighten up.

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