Kroger Controversial Half Court Shot Worth $10,000 Almost Unpaid (Video)

Vincent Swope, freshman at the University of Kentucky makes $10,000 shot that almost went unpaid.

The biggest day of a sports fanatic’s life  is to be able to make that half-time shot during a game that comes with various prizes; some money, some paraphernalia, trips, etc.   The only thing that is not so fabulous is when the shot is called a flagrant foul.  Controversial shots are not paid. 

According to Yahoo! Sports, Vincent Swope, a freshman at University of Kentucky, made an unbelievable shot during half-time at a game between Kentucky and South Carolina.  He ran up to the half court line and launched a shot that would make him $10,000 richer.  He took a lap around the court to celebrate and upon his return to reality, he was told that the game’s half-time shot sponsor, Kroger’s supermarket, might not pay him the money because he stepped over the line.

Well Kroger’s also stepped over the line when they THOUGHT they weren’t going to pay him.  A rally of students and a few OccupyKentucky protests made them change their mind.  Check the shot.  Does it look like he overstepped to you?  Check him out.

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “Kroger Controversial Half Court Shot Worth $10,000 Almost Unpaid (Video)”

  1. His foot went over the line, but it was still in the air when he let go of the ball. Good shot. Kroger should pay.

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