Jokey Joke: Walmartian Invasion!

Once again, the freaks come out at…day! The Walmart paparazzi has caught them too. Our prayer is that all of the sickening images you will see here are not taken at the same Walmart.  If so, it would be great if the paparazzi would let us know, so we could avoid that one.

There must be something about Walmart that brings out the ultimate comfort in a person.  They are surrounded by everything they want, from electronics to Brillo pads, at their lowest prices and some kind of chemical is released in the brain.  It is obvious that whatever chemical it is, it’s powerful.  It renders the subject invisible, but only in their mind.  Check them out and tell us if we’re lying.

-J.C. Brooks

This is called the Top of Denial and they do not sell these at Walmart.

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