Jokey Joke: ‘Sh*t Black Girls Say’ Gets Spoofed (Video)

Remember the story we ran in December about the director who spoofed a 80’s video called “Sh*t Girls Say” with “Sh*t Black Girls Say” ?  Well, hold on to your seats because “black girls” are getting a little comedic payback with a new video.

The video hasn’t gone viral with a measly 302 views, but after you see it, maybe it will.  The “Sh*t Black Girls Say” video was a stereotypical view of black women speaking to one another badly.  But this is a take on white women and how they interact with black women, from black women’s point-of-view.

The video has a disclaimer that says:

“this video is not stereotyping all white people.  it is about SOME white people.  Get over it.”

That statement is a spoof in itself.  Check it out and give us your thoughts.  Did they hit it on the head or not? (no pun intended)  Now the strange part is that this video has NOT gone viral.  What’s the difference between spoofing white girls and spoofing black girls?  Is it that white girls didn’t find it funny, so they did not support it by viewing it? What do you think?

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “Jokey Joke: ‘Sh*t Black Girls Say’ Gets Spoofed (Video)”

  1. Im asian and even I get ridiculous questions like this..because i’m “different.” It’s not racist by any means. Some people are just too sensitive because the script was finally switched.

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