Congress Passes Bill to Cut Back on Pell Grants

College costs have shot up over the years and more and more of us will need the assistance of the government to complete a needed college education.  The workforce has become more demanding when it comes to having a college degree.  But now the government may have thrown a major monkey wrench in that plan.

According to the Grio, a bill passed just before Christmas that has restricted the eligibility and length of time the pell grant can be used.  The restrictions are crippling those who have one more year in school because the new restrictions are retroactive.  Students will no longer get to hold on to the grant for nine years, it has been cut to six.  No longer is the financial income eligibility set at  $30, 000, it is now $23,000.

Experts say that this is a direct hit to the African American community.  Dr. Vinton Thompson, who is president of the Metropolitan College of New York, said:

“More than 60 percent of our undergraduate students receive Pell Grants and more than 50 percent of our students who receive them are African-American,” he said. “This financial support is truly needed by our deserving students who want to be able to complete their studies at MCNY.”

Who said it was okay to hit us in this area?  As Bernie Mac would say, “This is some BULL! 

Read more here on how organizations like the United Negro College Fund are trying to raise money to make up where Congress is dropping the ball.

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