Baltimore Closes Out 2011 with Lowest Murder Rates in Decades

Cities across America have seen crimes intensify during the recession.  But, not all cities are suffering.  Somehow, Baltimore made it out of 2011 unscathed.  Well, in comparison to previous years, the crime rate has lowered considerably.

According to Baltimore’s local NBC affiliate WBAL, the books closed with the lowest murder rate in 34 years.  The Baltimore Police Department records gave an account of 196 murders, which is 12 percent less than in 2010.  The murder rate ended the year with 353 lives lost.

But before the city can have a parade, the downside to the numbers may be the 34 percent dip in Charm City’s population.  The exact breakdown in the report showed that:

“gun-related homicides declined 13 percent, nonfatal shootings declined 9 percent and overall violent crime declined 6 percent over 2010 — a 43 percent decrease since 2000.”

While Baltimore is experiencing this reprieve from mayhem, now maybe they can concentrate on sending the Ravens to the Super Bowl.  Check out the full report here.

-J.C. Brooks

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